Thursday, April 28, 2005

have you ever dreamed

...a dream in which the ground liquidify? I have. It was one of my staple dream when I was a child, along with the one I swim in the air. It usually is a part of a larger-scale dream, equipped with occasional "evils" and all sorts of weird thing. Without warning, I realize the firm ground I was standing until a moment ago is now soft and squishy. I know that something ominous is happening. The softness increases second by secone, as I try to balance myself. I know that the faceless people whom I love are in a grave danger imposed by the liquidifying ground, but also know that there is nothing I can do. Then I realize that my ankles are submerged in the liquid ground. I continue sinking, unable to budge. The ground is extremely clear and translucent, but it only reflects the sky, concealing the evil inside.

Well, there's a reason to this dream annecdote, which no one would appreciate in today's society where everybody is fed up with cheap Freudian interpretations of dreams. I came across an image exactly the same as what I used to see in my dreams. I was wandering in one of the forest preserves on my way back from school one day. There were several kinds of spring flowers in bloom--spring beauties, buttercups, violets, etc. Hoping that there might be one or two rare ones away from the main path, I followed one of the side pathes, which seemed to be used by both humans and their four-legged, antlered neighbors.

There was a creek further down. Apparently a branch of the larger Des Plaines River, the creek was almost still--typically middle western. Trees leans over, casting a clear reflection on the surface under the bright sky. Then something caught my eyes, something that didn't fit in the scenery. Something sharp and orange. I approached it to find out that it was an abandoned bike with an orange frame. The water suface surrounding the bike was perfectly still, and so was the reflection, creating the illusion that the bike was floating in the air. But there was an undeniable fluidness to the water surface, erasing the possibility of the bike floating in the air. It looked just like the ground has liquidified, mingled together with the sky, and the boy (in my imagination, the bike belonged to a boy in a baseball cap) was swallowed deep into the fluid ground. What was left behind was his bike, off which he tripped when he lost his balance.

This is the proof:
then the ground liquified,


At 5:06 AM, Blogger Chinta_shopaholic said...

I wish I could remember most of my dreams for that I can be less realistic or serious. Such a wonderful mind you have, Yu. I adore your imagination and use of spectacle but yet horrifying dream brought up from your childhood time.

The only thing I could relate to my dreams is what they call 'Deja-vu' ..well, to me, it's just another thing we try to explain the unexpainable experience in our life. But it gives me a strangely wonderful feeling having it happened every once in a while turning an ordinary day to special something to think of for a few minutes (or, if I'm lucky, it stays for hours until my bedtime)

I want to lose this self-consciousness I have with me which gives me this conscious look on my face. I want to be dreamy sometimes..I want to be carefree.

Well..this may not be the kind of comment you expect to have, is it? hahaha. But you are one of those few people who can really hear what I'm saying.

Can you hear me this time?

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Couch Potato said...

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At 12:05 AM, Blogger Stephen said...

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