Monday, June 13, 2005

two photos

I forgot to mention that two of my photos were included as winners of the Ariel poetry and graphic art contest held by my college. I was probably too excited about the poetry and oblivious of the pictures... Since the competition rules required black and white images, I converted these two photos into black and white.

午後の柱廊 in the corridor of light
As for this one, I prefer it in color, especially the subtle shades of brown of the clothes and the floor. It was taken in Paris, at the entrance of the Pantheon (where some of the big-name French deads are buried, including that disastrous short guy from Corcica.)

But as for the next one, the conversion doesn't make much of a difference, since the image is almost black and white to begin with.


It is a part of the Arc de Defense, a super-modern cousin of Arc de Triumph erected in a futuristic business/residential development outside of Paris. In its entirety, it's a giant square building with a large square hollow in the center (the photo is taken in the hollow, surrounded by cubic offices), where the elevators to the viewing deck and some cloud/sail-shaped tarps are placed.


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