Sunday, January 29, 2006

analyze me

I had a dream.

Apparently there is a range of sounds in Western-style hand-clapping that cannot be produced by the Japanese way of hand-clapping. A lecturer was giving a lecture on the subtle but important difference between the two ways of clapping hands. A whole bunch of Japanese grade school kids listened intently, then practiced the Western-style hand-clapping, imitating the enthusiastic lecturer. When they all nailed it down, they marched out of the hall into the street lined with neighvorhood produce stores and fish markets, clapping their hands in the Western way, producing the impossible sounds unknown to the Japanese thus far. They were VERY proud of the noises their little hands made, as onlookers stood amazed.

I wonder what Freud has to say about this.

keywords: psychoanalysis, psychology, dream, dream analysis, Freud, East-West


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