Thursday, March 10, 2005

first & second signs of spring (woohoo!)

The temperature is bearly crowling up to one or two degrees above freezing. It has been snowing all day. The streets, branches of naked trees, fire hydrants, everything is covered with fluffy whiteness. Yet, spring is nearing.

first sign of spring (in snow)

I found these crocus in the courtyard of the apartment where my boyfriend lives, as I walked to the front door last evening. I thought of taking pictures, but for one thing, I was overloaded with grocery bags, and for another, it was getting too dark for a macro photography. Instead, I decided to take some shots next morning. What I woke up to find this morning was a blastery snowy day, as if the General Winter had come back to ransack us. To my delight, though, the hardy crocus were intact.

second sign of spring (in snow)


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