Wednesday, August 09, 2006

recent creations

Aside from looking for intern positions in Chicago involving writing, I'm beading.
earings4 - enamel flower blue
enamel flower blue

An avanguard pair (each piece of the pair has slightly different yet matching design), made with classic-looking cloisonne & glass beads.

earings3 - ginkgo ring amber
ginkgo ring amber

If my boyfriend was a woman (or a man who wears this type of earings!), I would give him this pair--his nickname is Giant Ginkgo.

earings2 - middle eastern white
caliph's milky stones

Vaguely reminiscent of a harem in a caliphate, I think.

earings1 - triangle red
triangle red

Photographing them with my boyfriend's 100mm macro lens is a lot of fun, too--although it can be tricky with dim light and shallow depth of field.